Our services

Consultancy Services

SDH’s experienced engineering consultants offer end to end design and technical expertise that will eliminate the potential of costly errors and future redesigns.

Utilising high-level design practices, SDH engineering consultants develop a complete implementation engineering, technical and design package, documenting the configuration parameters for the relevant technologies and equipment, inclusive of power source, supply and provision.

We provide consultancy services for wireless and fixed line communications networks and guarantee value engineered solutions, through the use of technology.

Our consultants provide a range of services throughout the project’s lifecycle, from strategic planning to project implementation. We believe the client’s participation is essential to the successful outcome of any project and we look to share knowledge, ownership and understanding with our clients as the project progresses.

Our approach and methodologies are founded on extensive technical expertise and significant real world experience. Partnering with SDH can help plan for optimal network performance throughout an anticipated network life time, ensuring that all aspects of your network are cost effective and scalable.

Other services include feasibility studies, technical specification preparation, for bids, RFP’s and Tender Evaluation.