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Copper Networks

SDH telecommunication engineers are proficient in both D side (Non-Pressurised) and E side (Pressurised) jointing on all types & sizes of copper cables ranging from the smallest 50 pair cable up to the largest 4,200 pair Exchange Cables that can be found on the Openreach External Network. These cables are located both underground and overhead.

Since the introduction of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) some Years ago, Openreach have seen a huge uptake on the number of households within the UK that are demanding faster broadband speeds. With the introduction of FTTC this put a huge strain on their already old and antiquated Copper Networks which in some areas, the cables have been in the ground for over 75 Years!

SDH have been involved with Openreach on several projects that are ultimately aimed at improving the quality of the copper network from the Telephone Exchange to the customer’s premises; commonly known as the ‘Golden Mile’, with the aim to improve upon and increase broadband speeds to the customer by enhancing existing copper cables or in some instances replacing old aluminium cables. This works can range from the intervention of EO (Exchange Only) Cables to the replacement of EO Cables from the Telephone Exchange (TE) to the Primary Connection Points (PCPs), De-Load & Re-Load of PCPs.