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Ian Walker

Business Development Consultant - Monitoring Solutions

Ian joined the team at SDH Project Services earlier in 2017 to expand the company’s portfolio and to lead the Monitoring Solutions business unit.

He brings over 23 years of experience developing the exciting technology of distributed optical fibre sensors for the oil and gas industry.

In 1994, as one of the founder members of Sensa, the pioneers of Distributed Temperature Sensing for oil and gas, Ian developed the technology implementation into downhole reservoir monitoring before focusing on the pipeline industry. He was key to the integration following Sensa’s acquisition by Schlumberger in 2001.

In 2008 Ian was part of the team that founded Fotech Solutions. Seizing on the potential of Distributed Acoustic Sensing to follow in the footsteps of DTS, Ian has been responsible for some of the first commercial projects of DAS – downhole monitoring, pipeline protection and other commercial applications.

In 2014, Ian started I-Gen Consulting to provide sales and project management to the industry and spent 3 years on contract to AP Sensing GmbH.

He is a member of the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and also one the Group Leaders of SEAFOM, an industry forum focused on the use of optical Fibre sensors. He has published a number of patents and was a past winner of the Subsea Innovation Award presented by the Pipeline Industries Guild